Name: Ravenous
Price: 13.99 USD


    Commands -> Description

    /dispose -> burn items using a command GUI trashcan.
    /dye-> ability to dye your leather armors with different colors.
    /hat -> ability to put items on your helmet slot either custom or blocks.
    /nick -> change your nick into something else. [ blue, aqua or cyan ]
    /point -> ability to send a particle in the way you are looking at.
    /kits -> small kit given every 2 days containing some keys.

    /pv 1,2 -> gives you a whole 6x9 private vault.


    Ability to sell 9 items at once in /ah
    Able to mine 10 spawners every 2 days.

    Ravenous Prefix in chat and Ⓡ 
    in tab.
     Yellow chat color.