Name: Celestial
Price: 35.99 USD


    Commands -> Description

    /kits -> small kit given every 2 days containing some keys.
    /pv 1-4 -> gives you a whole 6x9 private vault.
    /glow -> ability to glow to red, purple and pink.
    /rename -> ability to edit item names using commands with all colors.
    /ender -> ability to open ender chest using /ec command.
    /realname -> ability to check nick named people in game.
    /grindstone -> ability to open a grindstone inside your inventory.


    Ability to sell 13 items at once in /ah

    Able to change sign colors and shift click to edit them.
    Able to mine 11 spawners every 1.5 days.
    Celestial Prefix in chat and  in tab.
    Pink chat color