Name: Baron
Price: 5.99 USD


    Commands -> Description

    /craft-> opens up crafting table
    /grindstone-> opens up grindstone
    /cartographytable-> opens up cartography table
    /loom-> opens up loom
    /smithingtable-> opens up smithing table
    /stonecutter-> opens up stonecutter

    /solve-> solves a math equation
    /nick-> change player name in chat
    /colorpicker-> ability to pick hex colors and use them
    /colors-> ability to view default minecraft colors

    /condense-> condenses raw items and ingots to blocks 


    Ability to check other people's balances
    Ability to mine a spawner every 9 hours

    /near range of 200 blocks
    Baron prefix in chat and tab
    ‣ Maximum of 12 items on auction house at once